About Erika Di Benedetto

Erika Di Benedetto, class of 1992, is a photographer, post producer and activist. Currently she is living in Budapest but describes herself as a nomad. After 3 years of Graphic Design studies in Sicily, she received her Master’s degree in Photography at MOME, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design of Budapest (with maximum grades) presenting a thesis focused on how frugal traveling could shape and improve our personality and get rid of our deeper fears and depression. She tested this on herself by hitchhiking around more than 20 countries in Europe while also focused on Italian culture and why the English language knowledge is not as wide spread in Italy. She has been collaborating with several photographers since she was 17 years old as the personal assistant of both Massimo Siragusa and Annette Schreyer. In the last years she met several artists as Claudio Palmisano, Stuart Franklin, Stefano De Luigi, Luca Campigotto, Elina Brotherus, etc who have influenced her work. She’s been involved in various photographic projects as that one for the Italian wine company Antinori, for Ferrari and La Galleria Nazionale. Her post processing has been published on the Italian newspaper LaRepubblica. Lately she’s been collaborating with Amnesty International as a photographer, videomaker and activist for the defence of human rights. Di Benedetto is also communication manager for the NGO Decision-Making who promotes gender equality on global scale.